The Moral Dilemma – When is it Cheating?



Without having to begin this post with a spoiler alert, I wanted to address a question that has come up on some of the romance author groups I belong to, and that is the question of where the line is drawn between an innocent flirtation and cheating, or the beginning of an affair.

If a coworker smiles at you, and says good morning, most people would agree that no line has been crossed, and no morals have been corrupted.

But what if the every day hello soon becomes a hug?  Is that crossing a line?  Or is that just familiarity between coworkers and appropriate affection between friends?

If two coworkers email back and forth on a regular basis, but those emails are innocent and friendly banter, does that cross a line?  Does it make a difference if these coworkers confide in their significant others about these harmless emails?

If a group of coworkers go out for happy hour, and they share intimate conversations with one another, does that constitute cheating?

If a male and female converse through text messages without making their spouse aware, is this enough for the spouses to feel betrayed?

It is a question with many answers, and everyone will have their own opinion about when the line is crossed, and when the actual betrayal begins.

In The Ghost of You, both Kaitlyn Vandere and Luke Denevan struggle with feelings of guilt as they weigh the consequences of their actions against their heated desire.

At what point do they cross the line?  Surely for Kaitlyn, it would have been very early on, since she knows the moment she sees Luke that she has fallen for him deeply, but soon learns that he is married to someone else.

But when does Luke cross the line?  Is it that infamous email?  Or was it during Kaitlyn’s panic attack?  Or somewhere in between?

What is your opinion on cheating?  When does it happen?  With the first lie, the first kiss, the first text, or the first secret meeting?

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