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I am deep in the throes of a new world; a world in which my heroine, Alex Monroe, is struggling with her life decisions.  On the outside, she seems to have it all, but things aren’t always as they appear.

In the coming weeks, I will introduce you to new characters, new conflicts, and new romance.

Losing My Way will be released on December 1, 2015 in paperback and eBook formats (for kindle and NOOK).

Right now, I am looking for twenty-five to thirty readers to become my Advanced Readers.  This means you will receive a FREE copy of Losing My Way two weeks in advance of it’s release.  The only thing I ask of these readers is that they commit to reviewing the book on Amazon and GoodReads.com once they finish the book.

11899988_1475741786084677_2073093282771758725_nIf you are interested in a FREE copy of Losing My Way, please send me your email by clicking here.

If you have friends who love romance stories, please share this link with them and spread the word.

Without my readers, I would have no inspiration to continue writing, so thank you once again for your support and encouragement throughout this journey.




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At my core, I am a writer and author, but I am also a crazy girl, a proud mama, a gourmet cupcake maker, a vixen, a website developer and a lost little girl.

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