With Every Word I Write, I make a Promise to My Readers…



There’s something very sweet about writing romance.  With every word I write, I feel as though I am reciting a silent vow to future readers;  a theme song, much like the wedding march, plays out in my head as I finish each new chapter.   As a writer, I make a silent promise to my readers with every  new story I tell, and I imagine many authors make this same promise.

I promise to give you a story that is worth the time and energy you put into reading it.  I will make the characters real, and even the villains will have some type of redeeming quality.  I promise to engage you, to pull you into the story, to make you want to keep reading, even if it is three o’clock in the morning and you can barely keep your eyes open.

2I will make you live the story, and I will make sure you are never bored.  I will make you feel a range of emotions; happiness, sadness, desire, heartache, anger, anxiety, regret, relief, and pure joy.  Sometimes, I will make you cry.  Sometimes, I will make you laugh out loud.  Sometimes, I will make you want to scream.  In other words, when I give my readers a new story, I know that they are investing their time by reading it.  When you invest in something, it should definitely be worth your while.  You should get something back.  With romance novels, that something should be an emotion, a memory, a sense of satisfaction from finishing a story and knowing that the ending makes the time worthwhile.

I have read many books by many different authors, and I always want to feel satisfied when I turn the last page.  Most of them do not disappoint, but there are a few that leave me angry, unsettled, or like I have wasted my time.

My readers deserve an ending that does not disappoint.  I might not always give you the happily ever after you expected, but I promise to give you an ending you will never forget.15036


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