A Letter From Kaitlyn Vandere

Dear Readers,

Yes, it’s very true, I am a character created by the ever so talented Kristen Darling (I have to say that just in case she decides to write a sequel to the Ghost of You. I want to make sure I am in her good graces so that I don’t have a lot of drama to face in the next book.)

But aside from being simply a character in a book, I am shades of every woman in the world. I am dealing with many issues, as every woman does on a daily basis. I am searching for love, and sometimes I get it right and sometimes I get it wrong. I am likeable at times, but there are moments when you, as a reader, either want to shake me or tell me off.

I am frightened a lot of the time, worried about the future, worried about getting it right. And, as you have probably already guessed, the pain of my childhood keeps me in a constant state of shadows, searching for my safe place, trying to escape the demons that chain me to my past.

Don’t we all deal with childhood issues? No matter how much our parents try to give us a normal, amazing upbringing, there will always be baggage to carry as an adult. Not everyone will go through the trauma that I did; some will have it much better, and some will have it much worse.

It’s called life. And my life, as portrayed in The Ghost of You, is very real. As a reader, you are not spared the gory details, the pain I go through or the heartache. You tag along as I find desire, and love, and heartache and despair. You see the story through my eyes; you can feel my fear, my uncertainty, my anger, and my regret.

But if I leave you with one lasting impression when you are finished reading my story, I truly wish that I have given you hope.

Hope is a necessary thing in life, especially during the bad times. And hope will see you through. If you don’t believe me, go read the story again.

All My Love,


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