Self Publishing

With Every Word I Write, I make a Promise to My Readers…



There’s something very sweet about writing romance.  With every word I write, I feel as though I am reciting a silent vow to future readers;  a theme song, much like the wedding march, plays out in my head as I finish each new chapter.   As a writer, I make a silent

Losing My Way – Advanced Reader Copies



I am deep in the throes of a new world; a world in which my heroine, Alex Monroe, is struggling with her life decisions.  On the outside, she seems to have it all, but things aren’t always as they appear. In the coming weeks, I will introduce you to new

A Book Without a Reader…



On August 4, 2015, I decided to take my chances and self-publish my first book.  By nature, I am an impatient person, and it seems I am always looking for ways to get stuff done – as quickly and as efficiently as possible. I did my research on publishing.  I

Shades of Grey? Not Exactly, but…



When the concept for this story began swirling around in my very busy head, I knew that I wanted a very damaged female heroine. I wanted to give her all of the strengths that I myself would want, but also give her some of my own weaknesses as well. Kaitlyn