Bet You Didn’t Know…


If you have not yet read the book, but plan to one day, please don’t read any further or the story may be ruined for you.


  • In The Ghost of You, Chris Anderson was originally supposed to be killed by the accident.  However, I fell in love with his character and decided that I could not let him go that way.
  • Kaitlyn was not supposed to marry David, nor was he supposed to be included in the book past their break up.  However, David was not supposed to be one of the bad guys – just a man with his own problems who did not know how to cope with Kaitlyn’s issues.  He loved her, but he realized eventually that he could not save her.
  • The scene between Kaitlyn and her daughter in the grocery store actually happened to me when I was shopping with my own six year old daughter.  Kaitlyn managed to stall  her panic attack until she got home.  I had mine in the middle of the refrigerated section, and had to leave the store without completing my shopping list.
  • “James Bond” is based loosely on a real person. I’m not going to say anything else about that.  Draw your own conclusions. :)
  • My favorite scenes in The Ghost of You are:  1.) The launch party, when Kaitlyn danced with John, then Chris, then Luke.  As I planned out this scene, I actually listened to the songs mentioned and saw the scene play out in my mind before I even began writing it. 2.) The hiccupping scene in the company break room between Kaitlyn and Jennifer.  I think this scene shows a funnier, more relaxed Kaitlyn and I had fun writing it.  3.) The hacking scene with Kaitlyn. The thought of her being so sneaky and clever, while at the same time being afraid of getting caught was exciting for me to relate to the readers.

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