the ghost of you

Readers React to Luke Denevan (aka Mr. Bond)



***WARNING***:  This post contains spoilers.  If you have not yet read The Ghost of You but plan to at some point, I urge you not to continue reading this post until you’ve finished the story. It’s funny, how you begin writing a story and you have visions of how that

Grocery Shopping is My Kryptonite



It’s time.  I know this from the complaints I hear echoing throughout the house. “There’s nothing to eat!” From my eleven year old daughter. “Mama, I’m hungry!” From my four year old son. “And when he got there, the cupboard was bare,” From my forty-five-going-on-six year old husband. The grocery

Writing… and Living in the midst of Panic Attacks



If you’ve never experienced a panic attack, consider yourself lucky.  I have lived with them for over 20 years, and though I know the symptoms by heart at this point, nothing can prepare me for the next attack.  Each one seems to have it’s own agenda, it’s own unique and

Shades of Grey? Not Exactly, but…



When the concept for this story began swirling around in my very busy head, I knew that I wanted a very damaged female heroine. I wanted to give her all of the strengths that I myself would want, but also give her some of my own weaknesses as well. Kaitlyn